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Without a challenge, there can be no change.

The studio was formed in 2014 as a design collaborator, joining teams at Accenture, Salesforce, AT&T, and the U.S. Department of Defense to create new digital products, and services.

Since then, we've ​joined forces with pioneering startups, ​small businesses, and global brands​ to collaborate on projects spanning luxury real-estate, architecture, fintech, and healthcare ventures, as well as education, and school safety technology.

In 2024, we're focused on partnering with more mission-driven organizations to increase their impact on society by challenging convention to make things that absolutely must be done.

Let's create something new, together.

Jeff's bio from a mentor event with Sam Adams.

Jeff McWeeney

Experience Designer
Fractional CDO

CV 2024
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Jeff's a designer, technologist, and senior creative executive. He's spent the last 20+ years creating simple, meaningful digital experiences alongside pioneering teams.

He's relentless in his focus on story, and how it elevates design, and brings technology to life in service of what people truly need.

Jeff's played a role in creating industry-leading experiences for AstraZeneca, Salesforce, Southwest Airlines, TD Bank, U.S. Air Force, as well as Revlon, AT&T, McDonald’s, Google, and the NFL Player's Association.

And perhaps his most ambitious project yet, building ZeroNow, a nonprofit think-tank to make schools safer for good. It's fueled by pioneering technology partners including Microsoft, Genetec, and Intel, as well as Axis Communications, Omnilert, and Johnson Controls.

Jeff also donates his time to mentor high school students through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, and a range of entrepreneurs with Sam Adam's Brewing the American Dream program.


Design is more that how something looks.
Design is how it works.

Everything we create is designed in service of what people need, using the best technology, focused on the right business goals, and delivered as new products, services, or a range of digital content.

Overlapping circles forming a focus on design.



Partner with people closest to the problem, and learn everything that needs to happen to remove it from existence.

Design Strategy

Decide on the next move — and the one after — should be to produce the most impactful, and cost-effective direction.

Design Direction

Assemble, and prototype what the complete experience looks like, and how it works to overcome the problem. Craft the functional user experience, interface, and visual expression to get the job done alongside the technical team.

Technical Direction

Bring the overall experience to life with the best available technologies, or engineer something entirely new, and proprietary.

Technical Engineering

Expand or introduce a suite of technology, including Adobe Experience Manager, as well as other emerging platforms to build modern, scalable digital experiences.

Content Direction

Create or curate content libraries, ranging from photography, illustration, and infographics to 3D, film, and motion in support of introducing the solution to
the customer.


It's been a privilege to guide, contribute, and collaborate with some of the world's most pioneering organizations, and their leadership.

American Electric Power
G4S Security
Mondeléz International
Southwest Airlines
TD Bank
U.S. Department of Defense